Not Fancy.

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2012 at 4:02 am

I have a Michael Kors Bag.

I think it’s really nice, and I ripped the MK off because…I just did.

Yesterday, I was rushing out of the house after eating dinner, but I was still thirsty.

I grabbed a capri sun from the kitchen and threw it in my bag.

other items in the bag:

4 pieces of fruity trident.

a bra.

a scarf.

my passport.

my wallet.

some transit cards.


loose makeups.

the ripped off MK.

I had a fun night, and forgot about the Capri Sun.

When I went into my bag for my keys while on the way home, everything was soaking wet and reeked of tropical fruit punch.
The Capri Sun had burst all over my belongings.

and this is why I am not yet fancy enough for a MK bag.

alternate ending: and this is why I should quit putting Capri Suns in my Bag.

P.S: alternate endings usually suck.

  1. LOL so funny! I gotta love you!

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