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I took a train ride earlier.

While sitting, I went to brush my hair with my hand, and wound up finger grabbing the lady’s weave who was sitting in the opposite facing seat behind me.

I turned around and said, “Sorry.”

and she said, “It’s ok.”

and it seemed that she knew what had happened, but had decided it wasn’t a big deal and that I was just a girl with uncoordinated hands.

That was a relief, because I thought my face would be punched, so I decided to turn around and continue avoiding eye contact with people casually until my stop.

But alas, I could not.

For a strand of her weave was resting upon my finger.

this was breathtaking and daunting.

After four shakes, I managed to get the hair off and decided to play Where’s my Water, because I knew my hands would be occupied and protected from further encounters like such.