In Uncategorized on August 11, 2012 at 1:46 am

Sometimes, You’ve got to tell yourself that everything’s going to be alright, even when you’re not sure.

There can come a point when you’ve thrown in all your chips and you’ve given it all you can, but the odds just don’t work out in your favor.

You may be out of control, and there’s not a self-help book around to tell you something that can help you.

That’s when you need hope. That’s when you give it up to something bigger than you, and bigger than the world you live in. Something you can’t necessarily see, but believe in.

Even those who claim believe in nothing, have to believe in something. I hope that they do.

Because without hope, a soul can suffer. Some burdens are too big for our shoulders, but we carry them anyway.

It’s nice to think that when we get to where we’re going, that we can take the load off, and relax for awhile, and that things will be alright. so you keep on carrying, and you can do it with your head held higher than Nadir.

That’s what hope is all about.


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