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For Girls That are Like Me.

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For girls that are like me,

 Some boys will love you but will be afraid to tell you so.
You are a responsibility and you are beautiful.
And some boys will at first think they are man enough,

but they aren’t.

Do not blame them, or fault them.

They meant no intentional harm.

And you, young woman, just have your fun and learn.
I am young right now, too. Feeling just like you. 
But I know a man will come and handle this.
And I will love him vehemently- something that no other man or boy could handle.
And we will feel the sun set and the moon rise. We will feel the earth move.
Our love will be so intense.

So, sweet girl, don’t cry.

Things will be ok.

You just need to be appreciated in a world where everyone is taught to look over you like you are yesterday’s news, when you are really tomorrow’s front page.

Don’t be discouraged.
I know it’s hard.
I want to cry just thinking about how i’ve felt before.
And today, for some reason I thought to write to inspire you.
Stay strong
These boys are boys,
and you need an man to be a man.

Don’t give up, and don’t occupy yourself with worrying.
Look how good you are at things.
Look at your talent. Look in the mirror.

Keep loving yourself, and building yourself up.
Don’t wait for him or chase for him; you’ll find yourself in agony.
And drink wine. If anyone tells you not to and they are a Christian, tell them that it’s in the bible. Anyone else should understand.

Be a friend to yourself, and be gentle with yourself.

You are as beautiful as you think you are, and sweetheart,
You are timeless, and you are here to stay.

– A girl like you.